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Sunday, October 24th at 7pm EST/ 6pm CST/11pm GMT
Ginger Lewman confirmed

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Kim - Opening and overview of Elluminate
Wes - Welcome and overview of strands and intro of co-conveners
Wes – Discussion of inclusion of student strands and mention some of the student strand presenters
Andrew – introduce Colby and Ginger (script on wiki page) ask Ginger to give background on Colby. Colby says hello and a few words before I start the video.
Kim – start the video
Susan – ask questions
Kim – close and invite to Oct. 30th

Roles and Responsibilities
Elluminate Overivew
Kim Caise
Intro and Welcome
Wesley Fryer
Introduction of keynote speaker
Andrew Ziobro
Prepare excerpt of keynote presentation
Q & A - prepared questions and questions from chat during the live session
Susan van Gelder
Close session
All of us:

Foster conversation in the chat throughout the session
Promote the session via blogs, Twitter, Plurk, Facebook and other social networks
Publicity committee will do most of the promoting of the event

Fireside Chat Presenter Info

For Ginger Lewman - we can intro her and then get her to intro Colby
Ginger Lewman, Director, f2f Program, Turning Point Learning Center, Emporia, Kansas, USA

We are going to hear from Colby Ratzlaff this evening. Colby was a student at the Turning Point Learning Center in Kansas. Colby's presentation tells the educational story of the last 4 years of his schooling, from August 2006-May 2010, after his parents decided that traditional school wasn’t fully meeting his needs. The Turning Point Learning Center, an innovative public charter school in Kansas, utilizing 1:1 laptops, and Web2.0-infused Project Based Learning.

Colby's sponsoring teacher was Ginger Lewman. Ginger has been with Turning Point Learning Center since June 2006, learning how to interlock Project Based Learning and 1:1 MacBooks with 21st Century Skills-building to create the Life Practice Model. Online PLN's have been the key to making it work!

Currently, Ginger serves as the co-chair of the Professional Development Committee for the Kansas Learning First Alliance (KLFA), is a member of the Kansas Council for the Social Studies, is a Google Certified Teacher (yay GTACO!), and is a Discovery Education Network Star Educator.

Ginger has a wide "digital foot print" and can be found mostly micro-blogging on Plurk (GingerTPLC). She and the students of TPLC enjoy presenting, both virtually and in person, sharing their learning experiences with educators and non-educators alike.

Welcome Colby and Ginger!

(Possible) Questions for Colby

Tell us a bit about your background.
What motivated you to create the presentation for the conference?
Why did you feel this story had to be told?
Who did you hope to influence? Who do you hope will see this presentation?
What advice/tips would you share with people who want to know how to get the most out of the K12online conference?
What career path will you pursue after graduation?
What kind of comments or responses have you received after your video was posted and shared with the K12 Online Conference community?
Do you have any suggestions for convincing school districts/boards that sharing / collaboration is important for students?

Someone posted a comment " This type of school though is not for everyone. some students would not be able to move forward and create the type of projects that are given."
Can you elaborate on why you disagree (as you said in your reply)
Can you tell us a little more about the school.
How are you able to tap into each student's interests?

"I think you make a fascinating comparison between the freedom of ‘life practice’ learning with the narrowness of standards-driven high school learning."