Chris Harbeck

Classroom 2.0 " Release the Hounds" (27 min)

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Questions (Durff)

  1. In what year did your teaching begin to transform?
  2. Why did you choose the metaphor of a reclaimed garbage hill?
  3. How did David Warliick's statement, " Students stop being mirrors, and instead become amplifiers". affect your teaching in 2007?
  4. Tell us about unprojects.
  5. There were three assignments that year upon which you based your teaching. What were they? Have they changed?
  6. How on earth does one do project learning in math class and still "cover" the content as required?

Chris Harbeck
Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
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Chris Harbeck teaches grade 8 math to approximately 140 students each year. He has been teaching middle school students for over a decade and is in his third year of using 2.0 applications and “21st Century Learning” in his classroom. With his strong focus on conceptual understanding, Chris has discovered that using 2.0 tools and applications make math fun and interesting.

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Presentation Title
“Release the Hounds”

DescriptionThis presentation takes participants along my journey into integrating 2.0 applications and “21st Century Learning” into my pedagogy. The presentation will show how teacher driven assignments and projects teach students some of the skills they need to use these new technologies to enhance their learning. Scribe Posts, Growing Posts and E-Portfolios will provide participants with three different activities to do with their students. The final part of my presentation takes participants into “unprojects”. Participants will learn how to create “unprojects”. For the veteran teacher who is using 2.0 in their classroom this is for you. See how students are more creative and show more enthusiasm towards assignments when they are in charge of their learning.