Echo Schedule

Jan 26
Jennifer Wagner
If You Host it They Will Come
Jan 12/10
Feb 9
Chris Walsh
Moogpal in Action
Jan 20/10
Feb 23
Kelly Hines
Little Kids Big Possibilities
Jan 22/10
Mar 9
Jackie Gerstein
Digital Writers' Workshop
Feb 1 / 10
Mar 23
Beth Ritter-Guth
Unlikely Coordinates? Geocaching Across the Curriculum
Mar 15/10
Apr 20

Apr 27
Jane Ross
Living History - Authentic Learning Empowered by Technology

May 11
Brian Crosby
Video-Conferencing It’s Easy, Free and Powerful

May 18
NO SHOW-may be rescheduled to June 1??

2010 Echoes

Nov 22
Paula Naugle and Jan Wells
Seeds to Success with Skype

Dec 13
Tim Tyson
The Classroom teacher as 21st Century Leader


Jan 24
Tony Vincent

February 21
Monika Hardy and Jim Folkestad

Suggestions for Sessions
I would love to see us feature Chris Betcher's presentation "Ways of Working"--not only is the content fantastic but his process for creating the video is fascinating. I think people would love to hear him talk about his video and ideas for enriching student learning. Chris is in Sydney, Australia which is +11:00 so I think it would be 6:00am next day for him. (Peggy) - actually it's 11:00 AM when it is 8:00 pm here in Montreal - I guess they don't change the clocks as early as we do. For the April date it would be 10:00 am in Sydney. Is Chris in the classroom? I also loved his presentation.

Letter to Presenters

Dear K12 Online Conference Presenters,

This year we would like to keep the great ideas coming from your presentations percolating in people's minds. We are initiating a webcast, the K12 Online Echo, which will be in the style of the Fireside Chats. Each webcast, held at EdtechTalk Studio will feature one presentation from the conference which will be streamed with the presenter available to answer questions. Participants can ask questions in the chat; a moderator will interview the presenter. Each show will last one hour and will be held two Wednesdays a month at 12:30 am GMT (Tuesdays at 7:30 EST).

Susan van Gelder will be contacting some of you to see if you would be available to be on the Echo. Unfortunately, we will not be able to air all the presentations, but will try to feature a representative sampling to target beginners, the technologically comfortable, administrators, teachers of students of different levels... We will, however, always encourage our audience to go to the archives to explore the presentations they many not have heard yet and to find colleagues with whom to share them.

Letter inviting participant


We would love to feature your presentation, on Tuesday on the K12 Online Echo. The format of the show includes an introduction, streaming of the presentation and then time for discussion afterwards. The audience can participate in the chat room to leave comments or ask questions. Please let me know if you are interested / available to join us. Should you answer in the affirmative, I'll send more detailed information about how to connect and participate.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Letter confirming time and instructions

We are fast approaching the date for the K12 Online Echo and are delighted that you will join us on Tuesday. Your presentation will be featured along with time for a discussion in the EdTechTalk chatroom at

During the show, you will be connected to on Skype. Please send me your Skype id and add ‘’ to your Skype contacts. She will contact you about 10 minutes prior to the show. Should there be difficulties connecting, we would appreciate if you would supply us with a telephone number where you can be reached. I am ‘susanvg’ on Skype. If you are new to Skype you are welcome to add me as a contact and we can connect ahead of time so you can see how it works.

Thanks and talk to you soon!


Welcome to the K12 Online Echo - I'm
This is your opportunity to watch some sessions from the past, share your reactions and reflections and ask questions of the presenters. We hope you will have fun while we air the presentation and share ideas.
Today I am thrilled to welcome ...
If people are watching in ustream, join us in the edtechtalk chat at add your name (pw not needed)

Thanks to for once again sharing his / her expertise. Thanks to all who participated in the chat.
And a special thanks to who has been streaming this event, to who hosted the Skype call and to all the members of the Live Events Committee for their continuing support of the Echo. The archive will be available at: as well as the chat transcript. Thank you to Jeff Lebow and Dave Cormier and all the EdTechTalk community for hosting this event.
On our next Echo which will take place in two weeks on ...... we will feature.......

Don’t forget to take go back and listen to the K12 Online Conference sessions, share them with your colleagues and keep these conversations going.

Thanks again for joining in tonight.

Work Flow

ning, blog

1 - invitation
2 - confirm streamer and Skype call host
3 - confirmation with information on connecting


Skype host contacts guest, interviewer,

Post Show
Thank you to presenter
Get chat from gmail
Post show (embed ustream, add information, post chat, add info for newsletter)