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2011 Live Events (tentative dates/times - subject to change)

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Announcement for K12 Online Conference blog:

K12OnlineConference 2011 Live Events Committee

We are pleased to announce the members of the K12 Online Conference Live Events Committee team for 2010! The live events committee is co-chaired by Kim Caise, an educator from Texas and Susan van Gelder, an educator from Montreal, Canada. Committee members include Drew Buddie, an educator from the U.K.; Peggy George, a retired elementary school principal from Arizona; Nan Williams, an educator from Arizona; Andrew Ziobro, an educator from New Jersey and Connie Swiderski, a consultant with the Region XI Education Service Center in Texas. Also in a supportive role is Worldbridges webcaster and conference co-convener, Jose Rodriguez from California.

Our committee will be coordinating the live events component of the 2010 K12Online Conference. This will include our Pre-Conference session and Fireside Chats after weeks 1 and 2. Updates will be posted in the next few weeks with confirmed dates and times. Our first event will be a pre-conference session with keynote presenter, Dean Shareski. A post-conference session will be held with David Warlick once the conference concludes. Stay tuned to the K12 Online Conference blog for more details about future live events. We welcome your suggestions and look forward to a great conference.

K12 Online 2009 Live Events Planning

  1. LAN Party Saturday September 26th, 2009 11:00amPDT/2:00pmEDT
  2. December 5th live, “fireside chat” webinar with 2009 pre-conference keynote speaker, Kim Cofino
  3. December 12 10 hour synchronous in partnership with the EdTechTalk webcasting network.
  4. December 19 10 hour synchronous in partnership with the EdTechTalk webcasting network.

Announcement posted on K12 Online Conference site http://k12onlineconference.org/
K12OnlineConference 2009 Live Events Committee
By Jose Rodriguez ⋅ September 4, 2009

We are pleased to announce our live events committee team for 2009!!! Our chair is Drew Buddie an educator from the U.K. Members inlude Peggy George a retired elementary school principal from Arizona, Susan Van Gelder an educator from Montreal Canada, Kim Caise educator from Texas, and Lisa Durff a k12 teacher from Maryland. Also in a supportive role are worldbridges webcasters Jose Rodriguez, Jeff Lebow and Doug Symington.

Our committee will be coordinating the live events component of k12online conference. This will include our Pre-Conference; Virtual LAN Parties and Fireside chats. As well as live events during the conference itself at Edtechtalk and new Second Life venue. We will give you updates in the next several weeks. Our first event will be a LAN party for Saturday September 26th, 2009. We will feature previous k12onlineconference presentations from 2006-08. Details coming soon. We welcome your suggestions and look forward to a great conference.

OVERVIEW: K12 Online 2009 will feature four “conference strands,” two each week, and add new “LAN Party” live events on the Saturday following each week of the regular conference in partnership with EdTechTalk. Two presentations will be published in each strand each day, Monday through Friday, so four new presentations will be available each day over the course of the two weeks. Including the pre-conference keynote, a total of 41 presentations will be published. Each twenty minute (or less) presentation will be shared online in a downloadable format and released simultaneously via the conference blog (www.k12onlineconference.org,) the conference Twitter account, and the conference audio and video podcast channels. All presentations will be archived online for posterity. A total of 123 past presentations are currently available from K12 Online 2006. 2007, and 2008. We have applied for an iTunes University “Beyond Campus” portal, and anticipate our content will be available for the 2009 conference both online via our website and via our own free iTunesU Portal. If you are planning to submit a proposal, please review archived presentations from past years to determine what you might offer that is new and builds on previous work. As in the past, K12Online will host a variety of live events during the conference to complement and extend the asynchronous presentations and interaction opportunities on our conference blog.

The Saturday following the pre-conference keynote (December 5th) K12Online will host a live, “fireside chat” webinar with our 2009 pre-conference keynote speaker, Kim Cofino. Kim is an international educator currently teaching in Thailand. Kim’s keynote will be published on Monday, November 30th, and the fireside chat will provide an opportunity for participants to further discuss the ideas, technologies, and suggestions Kim mentions in her keynote. Saturday following each week of the regular conference (December 12 and 18) K12Online will feature 10 hour synchronous “live events” in partnership with the EdTechTalk webcasting network. All twenty-one presentations for the week will be played “live” over UStream.tv and EdTechTalk, and EdTechTalk will provide a backchannel chat / discussion forum for participants to synchronously listen and respond to each presentation. When possible, presenter(s) for each session will also attend their virtual online “playback” of their presentation and respond/interact with conference participants about the ideas of their session LIVE. Educators around the world are encouraged to host local “LAN Parties” in their communities, schools, and homes with other educators to participate in these live events. We are calling these “Building Bridge Meetups.” Our live events committee will develop and share more support information in the months ahead.

Publicity and promotion of K12 LIVE Events will be coordinated with the Publicity Committee:

Public Relations Committee

By MariaK August 16, 2009

Thank you to all who responded to the call to join the K12 Online Conference 2009 Team. There is much work ahead for all. Committee chairs and members will be contacted soon. The first priority was to get the PR committee formed so they could get right to work. Patrick Woessner is the PR committee chair with Lisa Parisi, Theresa White, Paula Naugle, and Paula White as members.
The PR committee hit the ground running with a planning wiki containing some great ideas. Thank you, Patrick for getting this started. In Patrick’s words, “We clearly want to reach as many educators as possible, and ideally that will include the masses who may not be aware of the conference. I’m hoping we expand our collective reach and find ways to inform and engage our colleagues who may not be “plugged in”.
In the coming days and weeks. look for suggestions from the PR committee that will help to spread the message that will prompt educators to learn more and get involved with K12Online 2009. It will be important to get that message disseminated through a variety of channels in order to reach the masses.
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