LIVE Events Fireside Chat with Kim Cofino

Thursday, December 3, 2009 8:00-9:30pm EST/Time; Friday, December 4, 2009 from 1 - 2:30 am GMT (Please click the link to see your local time.)

Kim Cofino will share excerpts of her Pre-conference keynote over EdTechTalk Studio via Ustream and the EdTechTalk chat room. This live event will provide an opportunity to dialogue with Kim about the issues raised in her keynote as well as with other conference participants.

Skype Names:
Kim Cofino: (mscofino)
Sheila Adams: (kmno4s)
Kim Caise: (koolkat051)
Wes Fryer: (wfryer)
Jose Rodriguez: (coordinatortwo)
Lisa Durff: (mrsdurff)
Peggy George: (pgeorge1)

2009 PRECONFERENCE KEYNOTE: Going Global: Culture Shock, Convergence and the Future of Education

Presenter: Kim Cofino
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Link to presenter’s K12Online Ning Profile page
Presentation Title: Going Global: Culture Shock, Convergence and the Future of Education
Presentation Description: Looking at daily life in foreign lands reveals a colorful spectrum of inspiring metaphors for the shifts we need to make in education. Often what we may find initially chaotic, disorienting and strange in other countries can actually spark new ways of thinking about teaching and learning. Through the voices of teachers and students from around the world, we’ll examine the unique aptitudes which allow successful expats to thrive in any environment. These are exactly the skills that future students and teachers will need to confidently enter the digital, global, converging, collaborative world of tomorrow – wherever they might be physically located.

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Link to presentation’s supporting documents:
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Additional Information:
Twitter: mscofino
Questions for discussion: (we'll ask people to respond in the chat)
What global experiences have you had in real life or online that influenced your thinking about education?

Are you, or do you know any, Third Culture Kids? Do you think they share any common characteristics that make them different from people who grew up in a single culture?

How are you connecting yourself, and your students, globally? What changes have occurred (for example: in mindset, attitude or outlook) as a result of those connections?

Also join the discussion about this presentation on our conference Ning!

Possible interview questions:
1) Conference participants are always interested in hearing the "behind the scenes" stories about how you created your video. Please share your story with us. How did you gather and select your video/photo segments? What tools did you use to create the video? What challenges (if any) did you face getting your video uploaded and ready to go live on the various sites?
2) What led you to select the 3 segments in your presentation? (Culture Shock, Convergence, Future of Education)
3) What kind of feedback have you received so far about your presentation (Ning, Twitter, blog posts,etc.)? What questions are you being asked? What concepts/ideas for implementation/aha moments are being shared by people who have responded?

Additional Information from Kim:
I will really have to be very quick at the end because I'll be teaching a class right after the session ends. Would it be possible to start wrapping it up after 1 hour 15 mins?
We'll definitely plan to wrap Kim's part up by this time and wrap up with information about upcoming presentations for Week One of the conference.

The presentation has 3 clear stopping points. It would probably be easiest to stop after those sections.

I would suggest these 3 breaks:

Play through until the end of Part 1: Culture Shock (0-14:34)
Play through until the end of Part 2: Convergence (14:35-29:56) 15:22 mins.
Play through until the end of the presentation (Future of Education)
(29:57-39:39) 10 mins.

Format for Fireside Chat with Kim:
Peggy will Skype Kim and show hosts (Wes, Jose, Kim Caise, Lisa Durff, others??) into the session about 5-10 minutes before the show goes live on (7:50pm EST). The facilitator will welcome everyone, briefly explain the K12 Online Conference, introduce Kim and then play the first excerpt of her presentation (Culture Shock). At the end of each video segment we will have a conversation with Kim using her essential questions, our questions and questions from the chat room. We expect that comments and questions will continue in the chat room throughout the viewing of Kim's presentation and hope that Kim will be able to participate in the chat during that time. Many people will already have viewed her keynote and will be ready to start dialoguing. We will have about 10 mins for questions between each video segment. In the wrap up, review the link for Kim's followup resources and the schedule link for all of the K12 Online Conference presentations.

Best guess about time (barring technology difficulties):
Intro/Welcome: 7 mins.
Kim's opening comments: Lead in to first video segment (3 mins)
Video Part 1: 15 mins.
Questions for Kim: 10 mins.
Video Part 2: 15 mins.
Questions for Kim: 10 mins.
Video Part 3: 10 mins.
Kim's final comments: 5 mins.
Wrapup/reminders/possibly close with Conference Teaser: Teaser Link 10 mins.

The time has finally come for us to participate in the 2009 K12 Online Conference!! For the next two weeks, December 7-11 and December 14-17, more than 50 presentations will be posted online to the conference blog for participants to download or view online. Live Events in the form of “Fireside Chats” and ongoing "Echo" events on selected Tuesdays* at 8:00pm EST throughout the Spring to continue the conversations with presenters. All of these events will be held on Keep watching the announcements on the conference site: and the Ning:

We hope all of you will tweet, blog and spread the word any way you can to tell people about this exciting conference

Brief overview of the conference and what's new this year (Wes)

Kim's Bio

external image 3193671704_483ff79360_m.jpg

Originally from the US, Kim is an enthusiastic and innovative globally-minded educator. Kim has been teaching internationally for over 10 years, first in Munich, Germany, then in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and currently at the International School Bangkok in Thailand. Her work focuses on helping core subject teachers authentically embed current and emerging technologies in the classroom to create a global and collaborative learning environment. Her inquiry-based, constructivist approach to teaching utilizes project-based learning experiences developed using the Understanding by Design process combined with the MYP Technology Design Cycle.

Kim regularly consults with other international schools interested in implementing 21st century learning, has been profiled on a number of educational websites and journals, and is a regular presenter and keynote speaker at conferences and professional development sessions throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States. Her professional blog, Always Learning, is an invaluable resource for teachers seeking examples of authentic student engagement.

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