Reminder: Tuesday, October 27, 8:00pm Central
K12online conveners Skype call with LIVE Events Committee and keynote speakers
Maria Knee sent me a Skype chat message after the conveners met tonight and they would like our committee to join them for their meeting next Tuesday. Maria Knee: hi there again - just finished our K12 online planning meeting. For our next meeting - Tuesday, Oct 27, we invite the live events group and our keynote folks to join us for the meeting. We will be discussing the schedule and more. Wes and Joyce soooo appreciate your work - and Wes is very excited about the new ways you are working to keep the Conference living on throughout the year!

Google Doc for Convener Conversations: Tuesdays, 8:00pm Central
Includes brief meeting notes from October 27 meeting.

If you are interested in hearing first-hand the Skype conversation/planning from Oct. 27, a recording of the Skype call can be downloaded here on YouSendIt for 14 days (expires Nov. 13, 2009):

REMINDER: Skype call with conference co-conveners and the K12online conference LIVE events committee: Tuesday, October 6, 8:00pm Central

Skype call Tuesday, Sept. 15
Susan, Peggy, Jose (first few minutes)

Peggy and Susan met and worked on the wiki among other things.

Wiki has been updated
We were feeling a little hemmed in by the 30 minute slots and thought 45 minutes would be more realistic. By the time you introduce the video plus presenter and put it in context at least 5 minutes is taken up. Then there is back channeling while the video plays, but you also need some time for Q & A after plus thanking the presenter for being available. It just seemed 45 minutes was more realistic.

We also felt we needed some time to talk about the K12 Online Conference for those who may not have heard of it before and to advertise the 2009 version.

We need to know - who is streaming on the 26th?
Who is taking what roles - we need two people for each presentation, one to introduce and question and the other to follow the chat
Should we all be available for the 3 hours or do we want to break it up?

Please add to the question page on the wiki - we need to have some questions available that we want to ask our guests
e.g. The videos were made 1 -3 years ago - How have you changed your practice since then?

Please add your suggestions for future events (October / November)

We have to set dates for the October / November events - possibility of different times to allow people from other parts of the world to participate

We need clarification on some points.

In the live events announcement - it talks about Second Life
Are we holding events in SL? or is it just that someone will stream there. If so someone would have to be present in SL for questions / chat / discussion

We are concerned about the 10 hours of synchronous streaming on the Saturdays of each week of the conference
we thought it might be better to break it up over the following year
it would give people an opportunity to attend all "live" sessions
it would tax the streamers less - this is a huge time commitment for both the streamers and conference attendees.

When will the 2009 teaser be ready? It would be nice to have something to show to entice people.

Some sessions will need editing - who will do it? I can do a bit - but time......

Why are we calling it a LAN party? (I know we are modelling it on Jeff Utecht's initiative )
It is really a WAN party - and people can come to the events to widen their network.

I think that's it. Peggy - if I missed anything - please add in another email.

If we can keep each other informed - how about meeting in another Skype call on Tuesday 22 at 7:00 pm EDT (11 pm UTC, 4:00 pm PDT). Everyone who replied to the Doodle said they were available at that time.
Keep adding to the wiki, the Skype chat.