The Classroom Teacher As a 21st Century Instructional Leader

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Presenter: Tim Tyson
Location: Manhattan Beach, CA, USA
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Presentation Title: The Classroom Teacher As a 21st Century Instructional Leader
Presentation Description: A completely different take on teacher leadership in the 21st Century, this presentation offers a fresh perspective and a call to action. Hopefully, after watching this presentation, you, as well as your work, and our entire profession will never be the same!

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Welcome to the K12 Online Echo - I'm Susan van Gelder
This is your opportunity to watch some sessions from the past, share your reactions and reflections and ask questions of the presenters. We hope you will have fun while we air the presentation and share ideas.
Today I am thrilled to welcome Dr. Tim Tyson. He is a former teacher and school administrator. He currently speaks around the world about the appropriate use of the digital echosystem. Welcome Dr. Tyson. We are delighted to have you here.
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What motivated you to create the presentation for the conference and has anything changed since you made that presentation that you could share with us?

I loved the line - efforts to make learning irresistable
Collaboration of ideas is the quest for solutions - education has not traditionally been a collaborative endeavor. Many teachers still teach behind closed doors. How can we move teachers towards more collaboration for themselves and for their students?

Sisu - Finland is quite different from the US or Canada - quite homogeneous -

I know the Quebec Education situation better than I know that of the US - but I see schools competing with schools for students and school boards competing rather than sharing for the good of all. How do we change this culture?

You commented on the societal problems - that until we fix some of those their impact on education is substantial - are teachers in a way the scapegoats of this situation?

How do we get politicians and parents to see the importance of a well-rounded education? one that includes the arts, that is not just career driven?

You talk about education needing to reflect our culture - but our culture has become one of worship of stardom, whether in the entertainment industry or sports? where consumerism is seen as a solution rather than as a problem - how can we as educators help students see our culture as more than that?

You talked about teachers taking a more proactive role by communicating with politicians, news providers etc. Should we not be helping to empower our students by teaching them to do likewise? How do you see adding this to the curriculum and at the same time helping students to examine issues from different viewpoints?

I come from a province where we had a problem based curriculum. Our minister of education has been slowly taking it apart piece by piece. because she doesn't understand. We're moving back to skills based learning - How can we help the general public see that critical thinking, problem-solving are as important or even more important that the so-called basics? Education won't change until parents and politicians understand the need to change.
What do you see as the "hot topics" or pressing issues related to the use of technology in schools emerging among the educators you work with at this time?

What was the aftermath of you presentation - did anyone contact you for more information? do you know of anyone who was influenced by your presentation? Has anyone shared their followup to your session? Have you heard any stories from others

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Our next Echo which will take place on January 24 will feature Tony Vincent and his presentation: Project Based Learning in Hand

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