Students Redefine School

: Monkia, Jim, Jessi, Hans, Morgan, Lucas, Cristan, Noah, Chase, Aaron, Gus, Andria, & Austin (with help from educators Monika Hardy and Jim Folkestad)
Location : Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
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Presentation Title
: Students Redefine School
Presentation Description
: We believe that education is the vehicle to social change everyone craves. We believe that personalization is now possible in public school, because of the connections to people and info the web now allows. We believe that the process of learning how to learn, amped by the personalization digital equity allows is the new standard.
In the lab, we are experimenting with ways to facilitate personalized learning and ownership. We believe learning and self-constructing is natural, but most people need to break out of habits focused on following rules. Experimentation means doing, and doing breeds mistakes. Risk of failure blinds many to their potential. We believe playing it safe today is a greater risk.
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Welcome to the K12 Online Echo - I'm Susan van Gelder
This is your opportunity to watch some sessions from the past, share your reactions and reflections and ask questions of the presenters. We hope you will have fun while we air the presentation and share ideas.
Today I am thrilled to welcome Monika Hardy and Jim Folkestad. Monika
has been in the classroom 20 years teaching hs math. students and brilliant tutors/colleagues are now helping me see a better way to spend our hours in the day... making school real life..
Jim Folkestad is an associate professor at Colorado State UniversityIf people are watching in ustream, join us in the edtechtalk chat at add your name (pw not needed)How did you come to be working together on this?Where did the idea for this project come from?Was this class an option for students? How did the students find thier mentors?How many students are involved?

What motivated you to create the presentation for the conference and has anything changed since you made that presentation that you could share with us?