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Seeds to Success with Skype

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Presenter: Paula Naugle and Jan Wells
Location: Meriden, KS, USA and Metairie, LA, USA
Links to Jan’s K12Online Ning Profile page and Paula’s K12Online Ning Profile page
Presentation Title: Seeds to Success with Skype
Presentation Description: Paula and Jan, 4th grade teachers from Louisiana and Kansas, share their lessons learned, experiences, and celebrations as Skype buddies. Included are ways to find other classes to connect with and how to find projects to get started.

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Welcome to the K12 Online Echo - I'm Susan van Gelder

This is your opportunity to watch some sessions from the past, share your reactions and reflections and ask questions of the presenters. We hope you will have fun while we air the presentation and share ideas.

Today I am thrilled to welcome Paula Naugle and Jan Wells

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Paula and Jan are both 4th grade teachers, Paula from Metairie Louisianna and Jan from Meriden Kansas

Paula - then Jan can you tell me a bit about the school where you teach

Had you used Skype before you started your class to class connection? For what purpose?

Let's watch your video then more questions Paula and Jan's video is entitled Seeds to Success with Skype

They share their lessons learned, experiences, and celebrations as Skype buddies. Included are ways to find other classes to connect with and how to find projects to get started.

What motivated you to create the presentation for the conference and has anything changed since you made that presentation that you could share with us?
- have you started on new collaborations this year? what kinds of projects?
Did either of you have any issues in your place of work re using Skype?
Have others in your schools gotten involved in online collaborations since seeing what you have done?
What kinds of topics did your students choose to explore via Skype?
Risk taking and learning with your students - what did your students gain from that?
What do you see as the "hot topics" or pressing issues related to the use of technology in schools emerging among the educators you work with at this time?

What are some examples you are seeing related to technology use in in your school/community that excite you?
What kind of feedback did you get from parents whose children showed them Skype?
What, if anything has changed in your practice since you created your presentation?

What was the aftermath of you presentation - did anyone contact you for more information? do you know of anyone who was influenced by your presentation? Has anyone shared their followup to your session? Have you heard any stories from others?

What benefits to the students do you see with this kind of exchanges.
Thanks to for once again sharing his / her expertise. Thanks to all who participated in the chat.
And a special thanks to Jose Rodriguez who has been streaming this event, l and to all the members of the Live Events Committee for their continuing support of the Echo. The archive will be available at: as well as the chat transcript. Thank you to Jeff Lebow and Dave Cormier and all the EdTechTalk community for hosting this event.
On our next Echo which will take place on December 13 will feature Dr. Tim Tyson and his presentation: The Classroom Teacher As a 21st Century Instructional Leader

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Thanks again for joining in tonight.